This tutorial is designed to help you successfully purchase and setup a domain on our system.

Step 1

: Choose an available domain by clicking here and placing your desired domain in the input box labled Enter a domain name: and then pressing the Go! button. If your domain is available it will be checkboxed and you should click on the Custom Registration button. If your desired domain is not available you will need to continue to check availability of domains until your find an available domain that you like. 1 or more promotions will be pitched to you during the signup process. You can simply click on the continue button to advance to the next step of the signup process.

Step 2

: Select the number of years you wish to own the domain. You will have the opportunity to renew your domain each year so you may purchase 1 year at a time or save money by purchasing several years up front.

Step 3

: Standard/Public Registration is pre-selected so you can simply click on the CONTINUE button unless you wish to pay an extra fee each year to have your data made private.

Step 4

: Choose a Username and Password and write it down so that you can manage your domain in the future. You will need to remember your username and password if you ever want to change the contact information and Name Server information of your domain. This username and password is NOT your username and password you will use for web hosting. This username and password is for your domain name management only.

Step 5

: When the The Create Your Contact Information page comes up checkbox the By checking this box you certify that the Company Name specified above is the legal registrant of this domain name field at the bottom of the page and click on the CONTINUE button.

Step 6

: IMPORTANT STEP: When the Hosting Options page is displayed choose the " I would like to use another hosting provider. I will change my DNS after I puchase my domain. " Option.

Step 7

: At the Final Registration Details page choose Automatic or Manual renewal and read and checkbox the License Agreement: and then click on the CONTINUE button.

Step 8

: At the Add Domain Essentials! page simply click on the CONTINUE button.

Step 9

: At the Checkout Specials page simply click on the No, Thanks Link.

Step 10

: Continue through the Checkout procedure by inserting your payment information and choose a Login Name and Password.

Step 11

: Go to www.godaddy.com and click on the My Account Link towards the top of the page.

Step 12

: Login by inserting your Login Name and Password and then click on the LOGIN button.

Step 13

: In the Manage Your Accounts section choose Name Servers and click on the GO! button.

Step 14

: Put NS1.0CATCH.COM in the slot for Name Server 1: and put NS2.0CATCH.COM in the slot for Name Server 2: and then click on the SAVE CHANGES button.

Step 15

: Click on the LOGOUT button and you are done.

Step 16

: IMPORTANT NOTICE: It will take 24-48 hours for your domain information to be processed by the registrar. We recommend that you wait 24 hours and then attempt to sign up for domain hosting which is option 2. If your domain information has been processed you will be able to sign up. If it has not yet been processed you will receive an error that says (I am sorry, we show no record that this domain name has been purchased yet. Please hit the back button and try a different domain.) and you will need to wait until your domain information has been processed which may take another 24 hours.


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